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Passion led me here.

About me

Mathieu Domec

I have more than 10 years' experience in translation and have been translating with the same diligence and professionalism ever since I started working. I attach great importance to the authenticity and fluency of translations, taking into account all the subtleties the source language may encompass.
In addition to my areas of expertise, I am also able to translate your personal documents for administrative purposes upon simple request. Having worked in different fields has given me an edge, in that it has enabled me to acquire new skills and hands-on knowledge regarding the technical content currently in use in such environments. Overtime, as a Language Service Provider, I have had the chance to use different CAT tools, transcreate, localise websites, create technical glossaries and brand names.

Determined to deliver quality work, I remain at your disposal during the whole translation process. Moreover, before you send me your documents for a quote, I can sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and email it to you as well. So, feel free to request a quote for your translation or interpreting projects and get in touch with me today!

What else ?

I have created a blog about translation because I like to share my thoughts on the translation industry. I also have an instagram account where I post idioms in 4 languages and on a daily basis: daily_idioms_ . I am always on the lookout for ways to improve my knowledge and have a keen interest in traditional Chinese culture, such as Taoism and martial arts. Thus, I hope to share some of my knowledge with you and keep learning more and more on such fields.
Apart from that, I also like lyrical plays and have already had the chance to write one in French.
When I am not translating, interpreting or studying languages, I am probably running my blog, reading, practicing Chinese calligraphy, Qi Gong (气功), martial arts or playing music. Therefore, any translation related to taoism, religion or art is of great interest to me.
As a songwriter, I also have a youtube channel where I upload some songs of mine.
Feel free to visit my blog, my instagram account and my youtube channel and drop me a line anytime! :)