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Frequently Asked Questions

I mostly provide translations and interpreting services. I also provide transcreation services.

As a rule of thumb, most translators translate into their mother language. Indeed, translating requires an in-depth knowledge of the target language in order to be performed properly. However, I have had the chance to perform several translations into English in my former jobs due to my keen knowledge of the English language.
As a result, I now translate from English, Spanish and Chinese into French and I might as well translate from French into English on rare occasions.

Each project being different, the complexities of the translations might vary quite a bit and a lot of data might be required to make a proper quote. Consequently, there is no definite answer about the rates applied to the services I provide because they depend on the projects.

As previously mentionned, the exact timescale will depend on the project. I will discuss this with you.

1 - First, I will ask for your project’s specifications to make sure I’m the right person for the job. Those specifications may entail readership, purpose, deadline, price, subject, languages, format and volume. If I’m not the right person, I will point you in the right direction by recommending a trusted colleague.
2 - Once I have received the project specifications, I will start by doing some research about the subject and by inquiring about your sector, style, target audience and the purpose of the translation.
3 - I may then come back to you with questions before I begin the translation itself. I make a point of having an open line of communication with my clients, because I strongly believe this will produce the best results.
4 - If this is the first time we work together, I will ask you to sign my terms and conditions before any work is done.
5 - Finally, I will deliver the translation, on time and on budget.

I don't have any Paypal account so I only accept bank transfers or cash payments for the time being. With respect to interpreting, please note that I will ask you to pay upfront before any interpreting is done.

Please fill in the form located in the contact page. I will be in touch with you asap.

By the same token, send me a message to let me know about your translation or interpreting project. Please provide as many details as possible.

In such a case, please drop me a line at I will answer you as soon as possible.